Hassle free WMV video conversion for iMovie

At work we often need to convert recordings from usability tests for a presentation. Unfortunately, camcorders often record in a format, not-compatible with iMovie, which is a preferred quick-and-dirty editing tool.

We tried many options for converting, but found YouTube to be the absolut best option.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download camera recordings from your camcorder
  2. Upload to youtube, note that multi-file upload is possible
  3. Remeber: upload as private videos if it contains confidential material
  4. Let YouTube convert and process your videos.
  5. Go to your YouTube video manager
  6. Right click on each uploaded
  7. Click on download as MP4 video

Now your videos are ready for editing in iMovie.



National Park Photo competition

Yay! Just won the category “Vand / Strøm” (water/current) in the National Park Photo competition 2014.

Category desciption:

No life without water and none of the (danish) national parks are without water. Find your subjects in the ocean, the lakes, the rain, the mist or something completely different.


Winners of competition

Overview of winning photos

Nice price and all :-)


The winning photo

Photo Winner - National Park Photo 2014



Responsive web vs. Mobile Enabled?

I’m working on a pros ‘n’ cons article on this perspective, based on experience from projects in sizes from portfolios to enterprise websites.

If you have any perspectives, experience or inputs, please add a comment or send me an email.



Winning Photo of the Mares UW Photo Competition

Happy days are here again!!!

I’ve only been doing underwater photography for 6 month and now I just cashed in my first victory. It’s part of a new contest series where your picture can be the winning cover photo for Mares’ Facebook page for 2 weeks. Theme of the competition is “diver life”.

The picture

The picture was taken i Marsa Nakari in Egypt around 6 AM. My buddy and I wanted the bay completely to our selves before the remaining guests started their diving. The waters were crystal clear – the reef wide awake and the sun was at a perfect position in the horizon.


Egypt – Marsa Nakari, 2012

Egypt – Marsa Nakari, 2012

The price is 14 days of total Mares fame and some sort of new secret Mares E-bag.
Wonder what it contains. Sweeeeeeet!!

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/MARESjustaddwater



Please visit my 500px account to buy or download the image in full size.


Times are changing

Finally working on setting up the “new” website. That is, a website that displays some of the projects I work on at the moment, both professionally and in my spare time.



BOOK – CMS Made Simple 1.6 Beginner’s Guide

The other day I was contacted by Packt Publishing regarding a very interesting new book called “CMS Made Simple 1.6 Beginner’s Guide”. As a rather experienced CMSMS designer and developer it immediately caught my interest. Stay tuned for a complete review!

Eventhough the books looks very promising I still haven’t had the time to take a closer look at its content. For now you should browse through the TOC below…


You can find furhter info on the book at Packt Publishing website. But remember to stay tunes for the complete review!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Building Websites with CMS Made Simple
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Creating Pages and Navigation
Chapter 4: Design and Layout
Chapter 5: Using Core Modules
Chapter 6: Users and Permissions
Chapter 7: Using Third-party Modules
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Functionality
Chapter 9: E-commerce Workshop
Chapter 10: Advanced Use of CMS Made Simple
Chapter 11: Administration and Troubleshooting
Appendix: Pop Quiz Answers

Issue – SONY AVCHD format on mac

Got back from Dahab in Egypt with loads of beatiful video from 14 dives. But couldn’t seen to convert or them on my Mac. Now 3 weeks later I finally found the answer!

So, basically, what I found was the practically NO editor on my Mac would import the MTS files from the Sony AVCHD camera. What a shame, since I had load of beautiful video from several dives in Dahab.

But for some reason neither iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro nor Final Cut Pro would work with these files.

After searching the web intensly I came across a small note about Roxio Titanium 10. Apparently it has an MTS/AVCHD import/export feature, meaning that I can import the MTS files and export them as MOV files in full hd.

No it’s completely editable by Final Cut Pro…

And and and… Till this date the Roxio application is pretty much the fastest converter I’ve ever experienced. Go for it and buy it!!