Winning Photo of the Mares UW Photo Competition

Happy days are here again!!!

I’ve only been doing underwater photography for 6 month and now I just cashed in my first victory. It’s part of a new contest series where your picture can be the winning cover photo for Mares’ Facebook page for 2 weeks. Theme of the competition is “diver life”.

The picture

The picture was taken i Marsa Nakari in Egypt around 6 AM. My buddy and I wanted the bay completely to our selves before the remaining guests started their diving. The waters were crystal clear – the reef wide awake and the sun was at a perfect position in the horizon.


Egypt – Marsa Nakari, 2012

Egypt – Marsa Nakari, 2012

The price is 14 days of total Mares fame and some sort of new secret Mares E-bag.
Wonder what it contains. Sweeeeeeet!!

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