BOOK – CMS Made Simple 1.6 Beginner’s Guide

The other day I was contacted by Packt Publishing regarding a very interesting new book called “CMS Made Simple 1.6 Beginner’s Guide”. As a rather experienced CMSMS designer and developer it immediately caught my interest. Stay tuned for a complete review!

Eventhough the books looks very promising I still haven’t had the time to take a closer look at its content. For now you should browse through the TOC below…


You can find furhter info on the book at Packt Publishing website. But remember to stay tunes for the complete review!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Building Websites with CMS Made Simple
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Creating Pages and Navigation
Chapter 4: Design and Layout
Chapter 5: Using Core Modules
Chapter 6: Users and Permissions
Chapter 7: Using Third-party Modules
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Functionality
Chapter 9: E-commerce Workshop
Chapter 10: Advanced Use of CMS Made Simple
Chapter 11: Administration and Troubleshooting
Appendix: Pop Quiz Answers